The Streak is Over!

Patrick doesn’t have a very good record when it comes to school pictures.

For his 2012 school pictures, Patrick was petrified of the photographer and looked really sad in the pictures. Thankfully he was happier on retake day.


For Patrick’s 2013 school pictures, he was happy when he left the house that morning and he told us he would smile for the picture.



But when it came down to it, he refused to sit still and a teacher had to hold him on her lap.


At least he sat still for the group picture, but he didn’t seem very happy about it.


This year, Danny is at the school too. The bad picture streak is over! Both boys were very happy and took great pictures.




And this year in the group picture, it’s not my kids who had to be held by a teacher or are picking their nose or looking crabby. And although Danny only has one shoe on, at least the other shoe is right next to him.



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