Wedding Celebration Kickoff!

In February of this year my sister Nora got engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Dan. After months of preparation, the big weekend has finally arrived!


In June, when Danny and I went to Chicago for my sister Maureen’s wedding, he and I spent a 12 hour layover in Panama City, Panama seeing the sites of the city, including the Panama Canal and the old historic section of the city. This time, traveling to Chicago for the wedding of my sister Nora, Danny and I spent our 12 hour layover at the Trump Hotel in Panama City.

Danny, an experienced world traveler, was perfect on the flights. I built a nest on the floor with pillows and blankets and he slept almost the whole way on both flights, with his two favorite stuffed animals nearby.


In Panama, we had fun spending the day at the hotel. I enjoyed the oceanview room and Danny loved splashing in the pool, and the bathtub oddly positioned in the dead center of the hotel room.



Once we made it to my mom and dad’s house, Danny put in some time practicing his ring bearer duties under the careful guidance of the bride.


Danny also spent time in the garden helping Grandpa with harvesting tomatoes and eggplants.


One of Danny’s favorite things in my parents’ house is the grandfather clock. Danny, imitating the character Anna from the movie frozen, likes to lay on the ground in front of the clock while watching the pendulum swing back and forth.


On Thursday night we had a fun family dinner and Danny was thrilled to meet Aunt Maureen and Uncle Jonah’s puppy, Piper. My mom also invited Father Patrick to dinner, the priest who had married me and Brian 10 years ago, after she happen to run into him that day. It was a fun surprise to see him!



The weather here has not been ideal. It has been very cold and extremely windy, so much so that waves from Lake Michigan flooded Lake Shore Drive. We also had record-breaking snow. Brrrrr!



On Friday, the day before the wedding, the bride, the mother of the bride and a few bridesmaids headed out for manicures and pedicures.


That night we all met at the church for the rehearsal.




After dinner we went to Riva at Navy pier for a fun celebration dinner.


In an odd Halloween twist, some of my brothers decided to dress up (briefly) as characters from Sesame Street.


The dinner had delicious food and festive decorations.




There were a few gifts exchanged, from my mom (giving the bride and groom a gift from her own late mother), gifts to the bridal party from the bride and groom, and gifts exchanged between the bride and groom.




There was also a floor show component to the evening. Matthew sang his own version of the Elton John song “Daniel” changing the words a bit. Uncle Jack sang “Lean On Me”. Colleen recited her own version of “‘Twas the Night Before the Wedding”. Katie sang “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. All the sisters serenaded Nora with “Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Thinkin’ and Prayin'”. We had a lot of fun!




We had a fabulous time last night and are even more excited for tonight!

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