Burger King Dinner Theater

My kids love the movie “Frozen” or “Una Aventura Congelada” as it’s known in Spanish. Lately when we watch the movie, we’ve been setting the audio to Spanish and turning on the subtitles in Spanish as well. When we first started to do this, Patrick was very upset that Guarani (Paraguay’s indigenous language, which he and Danny are learning) wasn’t an available option for the audio. The amount of tears he shed when we weren’t able to turn on the movie in Guarani seemed a bit disproportionate to the situation.

We recently saw signs around Asunción advertising “Congelados: El Musical” (Frozen: The Musical) coming soon. The ads however were a little vague on the details. One consistent feature of all the ads was the mention of Burger King, which we assumed meant Burger King was the sponsor of the show.


After a coworker found information online about the dates and times of the show (but still not the location), I called the ticket company to ask for more information. I was surprised when the customer service representative told me that the show was actually going to be at Burger King. When I asked how it would be possible for a show to take place at a Burger King restaurant which is not all that large, he responded, “Well they have a nice patio.” So I headed to the mall, and for the equivalent of about $9 each, I bought four tickets for us to sit in the VIP section of a musical show to be performed outside of a fast food restaurant. Needless to say, our expectations were low.


When we arrived at the Burger King, there were many vendors in front selling balloons and other “Frozen” souvenirs.


The parking lot – which is long and fairly large, extending from one street to the next street a block behind – had been converted into a stage and seating area. We went to the VIP section and sat in about the sixth row.


The show began right on time and was rather loud, to the point where the sound was a bit distorted. Even Danny pointed to his ears and said, “Loud! Loud!”

A narrator took the stage and gave the audience background about princess sisters Anna and Elsa, Elsa’s magical ice powers, how Elsa’ powers had accidentally hurt Anna when they were little girls, and how trolls had healed Anna and recommended that Elsa’s powers be hidden from Anna who would not remember anything about them.


Not wanting to again accidentally harm her sister, Elsa kept her distance from Anna over the years. Anna, wondering why Elsa won’t play with her anymore, sang “Si Hacemos un Muñeco” (“Do You Want Build a Snowman”).


The years went by and once Elsa was of age and her coronation day arrived, Anna and Elsa, feeling excited and anxious about the day, sang “Finalmente y Como Nunca” (“For the First Time in Forever”).


Next, Anna sang “La Puerta es el Amor” (“Love is an Open Door”). Although in the movie the song is a duet, here Anna sang the song alone but did hold a picture of Prince Hans, the object of her affection, whom she met on the morning of coronation day.


Elsa was crowned the Queen of Arendelle.


After Elsa and Anna got into an argument at the coronation ball, Anna learned of Elsa’s magical ice powers. Elsa, her secret exposed, fled to the North Mountain and sang “Libre Soy” (“Let It Go”).


Anna pursued Elsa up the snowy mountain where she ran into Olaf the snowman, a stuffed animal puppet in this show.


Together Anna and Olaf found Elsa and tried to convince her to return home to Arendelle.


Elsa refused and when Anna insisted, Elsa – without meaning to – shot a bolt of ice into Anna’s heart, and in a deviation from the movie, Elsa’s actions turned Anna into solid ice. Elsa, despondent over what she had done, apologized profusely and told Anna she loves her. This declaration of love thawed Anna, and the two sisters embraced.


Elsa, Anna and Olaf returned to Arendelle and lived happily ever after.


The boys were mesmerized by the show. Patrick ate French fries and Danny adorned his shirt with a few Frozen stickers.


The boys especially enjoyed the Burger King crowns.


We had a great time. And despite our low expectations, the show was well-done and we were pleasantly surprised and impressed!



Over the next few days, the boys were still wearing their Burger King crowns!




And they have been doing a lot of snuggling with their treasured Olaf and Sven, gifts from Aunt Nora.


We can’t wait for the next show to come to Asunción!

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