Caminito, La Boca

On our last day in Buenos Aires before catching our late afternoon flight back to Asunción, we went to visit the Caminito area of the La Boca neighborhood. It’s an old, historic, and colorful part of town.


The neighborhood is famous for its brightly colored buildings and as the birthplace of tango music.



We saw many statutes of Papa Francisco (“Pope Francis”), formerly the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.



We saw a dog sleeping on its back which, as Patrick pointed out, is just how Scout often sleeps. After the dog woke up and rolled over, Patrick sat down in the street next to him.


We ate lunch in an outdoor cafe where tango dancers performed.


We saw all sorts of statues around the neighborhood.


And we saw a street with Patrick’s Spanish name, Patricio.


We walked over to the soccer stadium of the Boca Juniors team.


After one last stop at our rental house to collect our luggage, we grabbed a cab to the airport for our flight home to Paraguay. We had a great trip and can’t wait to back to Argentina!

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