El Viejo Almacen

While we were in Buenos Aires we went with our friends to a tango show. Our $30 tickets included the one hour and 45 minute show and two drinks. With our friends’ daughter babysitting Danny and Patrick who were sound asleep, we headed to the 10pm show.

The stage was painted to look like the exterior of the building, and in front of the stage were several small cocktail tables.


After a short video about the history of the venue and of tango, musicians took the stage and began to play tango music.


Our favorite musician was an accordion player who made faces at other musicians.


Four couples then began to perform the tango on stage.


Next, individual couples danced. The dresses featured low, plunging necklines and long slits up the legs. There were dramatic, acrobatic dancing moves involving backbends, high kicks and twirls.






After each song, as the dancers were off stage changing costumes for their next number, other acts performed, including Argentine singers and a group of indigenous musicians.




For the final number, all the dancers returned to the stage for one more dramatic dance.



We had fun at the show and the dancing was really impressive. It gave Brian and me a lot of inspiration and a lot of new dance moves to practice before the upcoming Marine Corps Ball!

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