Recoleta and Palermo

While we were in Buenos Aires, we spent one morning in the Recoleta neighborhood. We visited the beautiful white church, Nuestra Señora del Pilar.



The interior of the church is just as gorgeous with an ornate altar and very old artifacts.



Inside the cloisters I found three bears.


We also saw the cemetery next to the church and did some shopping at the artisan stands in the area.


Later in the evening we, headed to the Palermo neighborhood for another great dinner. We passed by the National Congress building on the way.


Danny practiced the wave and made faces while we were at dinner, catching the attention of three generations of an Argentine family seated nearby. They had two little girls about the same age as Danny and Patrick. And the Argentine grandparents with the group actually live in Highland Park, a Chicago suburb not far from where Brian and I grew up.


Patrick and Brian had lots of laughs at dinner.


We had a fun night with our friends. And the restaurant – with its wood floors, green walls, red furniture and candles everywhere – just looked cool.



And the food was great!


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