Rental House in Buenos Aires – San Telmo

Last month, Brian, the boys and I went to Buenos Aires for a long weekend with some friends. We rented an old, refurbished mansion in the San Telmo neighborhood. It was a nice, big house with four levels and seven bedrooms.


The house had a few exterior balconies which proved a good place to be a bear.


Upon entering the house from the street, there was a grand marble staircase leading up to the main living areas of the house.


Once on the main level, there was an impressive winding wooden staircase leading up to the bedrooms. Above the open second floor balcony was a stained glass window in the ceiling.



The house had beautiful wooden floors and ornate lights, chandeliers, and art.


The house was filled with antique furniture.


The house also had many other antique items that intrigued the boys.


Among their favorites were the mirror and table in our room which the boys called “the sleigh” and took turns driving.


Danny and Patrick especially liked an old exercise contraption they called “caballo” (horse).


The house also had an elevator which was both convenient and fun.


Before they figured out how to operate the elevator, the boys spent a fair amount of time climbing up and and down the multiple flights of staircases.


Some of the old features of the house were slightly less pleasant, like our bed which had a mattress with no box spring on top of an old, creaky, curved metal contraption. While this bed did not provide the worst night’s sleep of my life, it was far from the best.

We were certainly glad to get back to our own modern, comfortable king sized bed in Paraguay!

Despite our complaints about the bed, the boys didn’t seem to mind and climbed into the bed to play a version of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.


Here’s the view from the roof of the house.


One of the boys’ favorite neighborhood activities was riding the carousel just a few blocks away. For the equivalent of about 20 cents, the boys each got a token to ride the carousel.


The boys picked out a boat to drive and had a blast riding in it.



And our little monkeys were thrilled to have a snack of bananas after we passed by a fruit store.


There’s a lot to see while walking in San Telmo.


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