Spring Festival

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, spring is officially underway. To celebrate this, Patrick and Danny’s preschool had a festival in a neighborhood park.

The students and their families met in the park on a Saturday morning and the event started with a prayer from one of the teachers.


Then it was time for each family to pick a color and be assigned a team. Patrick picked the blue team and for the first team activity, we popped balloons, each containing part of a sentence. The next step was to put the words in order, with the final product stating, “Nothing can compare to the feeling of being loved and respected.”


The next event was a scavenger hunt where we looked for leaves, sticks, rocks, and feathers.


Next, the teams worked together to transfer water from one bucket to another, one plastic cup at a time. Parents and children filled up their cup from the first bucket and, while holding hands, ran to the second bucket to dump their cups.



Once the game was over, Danny and his buddy Leo had fun splashing in the bucket with sticks.


For the next event, another mom and I sat on the ground while our teammates put as many clothespins in our hair as they could until the time ran out. We each ended up with nearly 40 clothespins and it really hurt to take them out!


Next, it was time to take a break from games and instead put on silly hats.



Danny and Patrick decided to combine the crazy hats and the clothespins, trying to attach clothespins to themselves and each other.


Patrick and his best buddy Sandino had fun playing with the hats together.


The kids had a great time and Danny clapped while Patrick pretended to be a bear.


The teachers gave all the students a spring project they had worked on for the preceding week. The students had planted tiny seeds inside of egg shells. The egg shells were decorated with glitter and markers and were glued into bottle tops to make the egg stand up. After the seeds were planted, the kids watered them with a baby bottle, adding just a few drops of water. The eggs were very cute, with the plants looking like hair. The boys love them.


Happy spring! So far, it’s off to a great start!


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