A Disturbing Development

Yesterday while looking at our little chickens, I made an alarming discovery: at least two chickens appear to be boys, with the telltale rooster comb growing on the tops of their heads. It seems that Sven and Uncle Cody are not going to grow up to be hens.


Here’s Cody.


And here’s Sven.


When the chickens first arrived, our nanny Maria told me that the baby chickens were all girls. Yesterday, upon noticing evidence to the contrary, I asked Maria how she had made her gender determination. She told me that she did so based on the personalities of the chicks, and not based on any anatomical evidence. It appears that her method may be flawed.

Since we do not want 4:30 AM wake up calls, we will not be keeping the males. Patrick was very alarmed when I told him that we are not keeping the boys because they are too loud. Patrick asked, “If Danny and I are too loud are you going to get rid of us too?” I assured him that we will not. That only confused him more because he doesn’t understand why he and Danny are held to a different standard than the male chicks.

It looks like Sven and Uncle Cody will be heading back to the farm. But then when I look at Scout and Chestnut and Arturito, it looks like they might be on the way to rooster-dom as well. Could they also be developing that telltale comb on their head? I don’t know. I can’t tell.




I have consulted some chicken anatomy pictures, and it seems that even hens (and not just roosters) have a little growth above their nose on the forehead area.


So perhaps some of our chicks might grow up to be hens?


To be continued…

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