Cataratas do Iguaçu – Brazil

Although I had visited the Brazilian side of the falls last year while traveling for work, that was a quick visit in miserable weather. It was so much nicer to see the falls on this trip with Brian over several days of absolutely perfect weather. The massive falls were just as impressive as I remembered.

The quantity of water going over the falls is amazing. There is a constant roar and perpetual mist in the air.


The falls are huge – tall, wide and numerous. They range in height from about 200 to 400 feet, are 1.7 miles wide and consist of approximately 275 separate waterfalls.



Everywhere we looked there were rainbows in the mist.


The most dramatic feature of the falls is known as the Devil’s Throat (La Garganta del Diablo), where water pours down from above on three sides. This is the highest point in the falls and the deepest point in the river.




The water above the falls is relatively still and flat until just before plunging over the edge into the falls.


There were many birds in the park, including tropical birds and giant vultures.


There were also warning signs advising visitors to be careful of cuatis (also spelled quatis), a raccoon-looking animal that can be seen all over the park.


One morning when we walked the park trails before the park had opened, we came across several cuatis lounging and playing in the path. Armed with a stick, Brian led the way past the animal who thankfully didn’t attack!


We really enjoyed visiting the Brazilian side of the falls!

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