Meet the Chickens!

Our chickens have arrived! It was a rough start with them – not long after the chickens were delivered, the baby chicks started to escape from the chicken coop!


The one little chick who stayed behind was rewarded with a piggyback ride from her mama.


Thankfully, our gardener was at our house and he ran to the hardware store, bought a sheet of metal screen, and attached it to the outside of the coop.

We corralled the chickens back into the coop, set up the food for the babies and the mama and water for them all. Thankfully, they haven’t escaped again!

On their first night in their new home, the chickens were a little unsure about going up the ladder and inside the coop to sleep. We carried the mama and lifted her inside.



The mama kept escaping because her babies weren’t inside with her, so we got the babies inside first and then brought the mama in.



Once we had everyone inside, we used a spare roof tile to block the door.

By the third night, the chickens were going up the ladder and inside to sleep all by themselves and the roof tile was no longer needed to contain them. For now the baby chickens snuggle up under their mama when they sleep. When they get older, they’ll all sleep while perched on one of the wooden poles.

Patrick and Danny are fascinated with the “pollitos” (little chickens) and are very excited to watch them play.


Scout got to meet the chickens and spent a bit of time inspecting the chicken coop, looking for a way in and licking his chops over the possibility of eating them.


We’ve finally settled on names for all the chickens. The mama hen is named Elsa, after a character in the movie “Frozen.”


Sven is named after the reindeer in “Frozen.”


Scout is named after the boys’ favorite dog.


Cody is named after my brother Kevin’s dog. Last month when we were visiting Chicago, Patrick got a little confused about our many family members and he just started to call everyone “uncle”, as in Uncle Kevin, Uncle Sheila, Uncle Grandpa and Uncle Cody. Now Patrick sometimes calls Cody the chicken “Cody” and sometimes “Uncle Cody.”


Chestnut is named after a dog in a kids’ movie of the same name.


Arturito is named after our nanny’s ten-year old son.


The chickens are getting bigger and bigger and the kids are loving having them here. Here are Patrick and Cody.


We are glad our chickens are here and look forward to having fresh eggs (“huevos caseros”) from our chickens once they get a bit older.

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