Future Firefighters

After nearly three weeks in the United States, this evening Brian and the boys and I will start to make our way back to Paraguay. One of the highlights of our trip was time spent pretending to be and learning about “bomberos” or firemen.

At a restaurant, Danny and Patrick were excited to see a toy fire truck ride. They loved playing on it!



We also visited our friend Ron, a Chicago fireman, at his fire station.


Patrick was a little crabby at first since he had to leave the house of his uncle Jay and aunt Shelf (Michele) after a fun sleepover.


But he changed his attitude pretty quickly when he realized he was at a fire station!



Aside from sitting in the firetrucks, the boys got to spray a fire hose, see a saw and the jaws of life, and learn about what a fireman does. Ron had as much fun showing the boys around as the boys did seeing everything!



The boys even got to slide down the fire pole!



We had a great visit! Thanks to our friend for his hospitality!


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