Las Cañitas

About two months ago, Brian and I had dinner at Las Cañitas, an amazing Spanish restaurant in Asunción. We had driven by it many times and had been wanting to try it.


The food was fantastic. We had Tortilla Española (a potato omelette) and gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) for appetizers. For our entrees, Brian had pork tenderloin and I had paella.





We had a bottle of Tempranillo, a Spanish grape. The restaurant has a nice selection of Spanish wines and offers a 30% discount for any bottles bought “to go.”


Recently I went back to the restaurant with a group of girlfriends who also loved it. Everyone agreed it was the best meal they’d had in a long time and some even commented that it was the best meal they’d ever had in Paraguay.

We had many small plates that we shared, including manchego cheese and jamón Serrano.


We had small and large shrimp, served with an amazing flavorful sauce.


We had fried salmon fritters and roasted Brussels sprouts.


We had calamari two ways – grilled as well as breaded and fried.


We had delicious Tortilla Española.


For dessert, we had an assortment of fruit, flan and ice cream.

It was a great meal!

If you’re thinking about going here for lunch or dinner (and you should!), the restaurant opens for lunch at 11 and for dinner at 8. But call first (605-936); they don’t always follow their posted hours! Las Cañitas is on Carmen Soler, one block from Choferes del Chaco, around the corner from Radio Ñanduti.


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