Internacional Circo Kroner

Last week, Patrick and Danny came home from school with free tickets to the Brazilian circus visiting Asunción. The tickets didn’t have a ton of information about the days and times and location of the circus but we were eventually able to figure out the details after calling a guy whose cell phone number was on the tickets. The boys were very excited!


Upon entering the big circus tent, we passed through the snack bar and saw garbage cans that looked like clowns.


Once we sat down inside there was a steady stream of vendors passing by selling toys and treats.


Patrick became the happy owner of a spinning sound and light machine.


The show started with acrobats.


Patrick didn’t really care for the acrobats and frequently asked in a loud voice about when the “payasos” (clowns) would be performing. Eventually a clown did appear and he threw knives at a guy handcuffed to a wooden stand.


The ringmaster performed a tricky juggling act while balancing on a board on top of tubes in alternating directions.


Next up: more acrobats!




While I don’t really know a lot about the circus, I was surprised by the act that involved the ringmaster trying to shoot a banana out of the hand of the clown. I don’t think that’s something one would see at the circus in the United States.


We all enjoyed watching the show!



Danny tried to take a few pictures.


The finale consisted of three motorcycles driving around inside of a globe.


When the show ended the kids were super sweaty – it had been pretty hot under the big top! They were excited to get outside and run around a little.


We had fun outing at the circus!

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