Casita para Gallinas

Last week we got a chicken coop, “una casita para gallinas.” The boys watched with excitement as the carpenters assembled the walls, attached the roof and touched up the paint.


Our chicken coop consists of a house for the chickens with a perch for them to sleep on and nesting boxes where they’ll lay eggs. There’s also a run where the chickens can get some exercise while protected from other animals (and my kids).


Patrick asked me why we are going to have chickens. Thinking about the fresh eggs we’ll get from them, I told Patrick that the chickens will make food for us. Patrick, thinking I meant that the chickens will actually prepare food for us, then said, “We should get the chickens a grill and some charcoal so that they can barbecue food for us. We like food cooked on the grill.” The carpenters thought that was pretty funny.


We won’t actually get the chickens for another month or so, and in the meantime we are now working on choosing names. So far, the leading contenders – as selected by Patrick – are Scout, Mommy, Daddy, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff, Patrick and Danny.

We can’t wait for our chickens to arrive!

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