Zoo Asunción

This weekend, after making the boys suffer through a family picture taken in close proximity to this very distracting crocodile, we took them and Maria to the zoo.


It was about $5 for three adults and two kids to enter the zoo.


We followed the signs for the elephants, but the enclosure was empty.


The tigers and lions were the highlight of the zoo for Patrick and Danny. There were about ten tigers and five lionesses and boys loved them.


The boys really enjoyed watching the animals. Danny was so excited that he kept pointing at the animals and telling complete strangers “Mira! Mira!” (Look! Look!)


Danny and Patrick also liked the owls, although we were also a little grossed out by their fly-infested meal of raw meat.


The colorful birds were eating a much less disgusting lunch of fruits and veggies.


Patrick was happy to see the “chanchos” (pigs) playing around in the mud and eating.


By the time we left the zoo, we had two very tired boys.


After saying goodbye to the animals and the enticing toys in the parking lot, we headed home.


The boys are already asking when we can go back!

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