While it’s not my normal practice to drink homemade booze drinks from an unsealed, reused and somewhat dirty bottle bought on the street for about $1, yesterday I decided to give it a try.


On August 1, Paraguay tradition dictates that one consume carrulin – a rum drink flavored with sugar (caña), the herb rue (ruda) and lime (limón). The first two letters of the Spanish words are roughly combined to get the name of the beverage – spelled either carrulim or carrulin.

On his way to work yesterday, a coworker heard on the radio that this beverage is used to ward off bad spirits and welcome in the spring. He then saw guys on the street selling bottles of the beverage and taking that as an omen, he bought a bottle.

I was a little nervous about trying this drink, especially after looking closely at the bottle and discovering all sorts of particulate matter floating around in the liquid, along with a few leaves.


After work, we poured a little of the carrulin into a few glasses and we gulped it down.


It didn’t taste great, but it wasn’t horrible either. The booze tasted rather watered-down, which is to be expected considering the low price.


While we didn’t polish off the bottle, I do feel that one swig of this beverage was enough to get me ready for spring and keep away evil spirits. Technically we are still in winter but the temperature yesterday reached 89° so I think the drink is working already.


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