Homeward Bound

I’ve had a great time on my trip, and tonight I start to make my way home to Paraguay. I miss Brian and Danny and Patrick! I’ve been able to FaceTime with the boys twice a day and I can’t wait to see them Sunday morning when I land in Asunción!

While I was gone, Patrick and Danny climbed all over Brian like he was their jungle gym.


While we chatted via FaceTime, Patrick loved to show me his toys and was alternately sullen and charming. When I was about three days into my three week trip he asked me, “Are you done living there yet? When are you coming home?”


Danny liked playing peekaboo with his plate and using it as a hat.


Patrick used carrot sticks to pretend he was a walrus and Danny raised his sippy cup yelling “Cheers!”


They had fun laughing, waving and making silly faces.


I’m looking forward to seeing these boys tomorrow!


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