World Cup

The final game of the World Cup was played yesterday, with Germany winning over Argentina in the championship game.

In the weeks leading up to the final World Cup game, Paraguayan displays of World Cup fever were everywhere, even though their team didn’t make it into the tournament. It’s clear that the World Cup is a big deal here.

The displays at the grocery store were my favorite and included brackets with a can of Budweiser adorned with the flag of each country in the tournament.



There were also lots of televisions and World Cup-themed items. We bought a soccer ball and some World Cup Budweiser.


On the street corners vendors were selling flags and jerseys of the nations playing in the World Cup.


The games were shown just about everywhere, from the Embassy cafeteria to local beauty parlors.


The boys’ preschool even got into the spirit of the World Cup by having “día de deportes” (sports day) last week. They wore the jerseys of their favorite soccer teams – Olimpia for Patrick and Cerro Porteño for Danny.


The boys played games with their classmates and won prizes. Danny loved the cupcakes at snack time.




And just like some of the World Cup players who may have faked or exaggerated injuries, the boys did some dramatic falling down and rolling in the floor!


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