Fourth of July – in two continents

In the United States, the Fourth of July is traditionally marked by parades, fireworks, parties with families and friends, barbecues and good times. I was happy to be able to celebrate this Fourth of July in Chicago with my parents and siblings.

In the early morning hours, I flew to Chicago from DC on July 4 after my flight late at night on July 3 had been cancelled.


We went to the town’s parade which started with fire trucks and police cars. Danny and Patrick would have loved it.


Military veterans and persons dressed as soldiers from the revolutionary and civil wars marched in the parade.


We saw high school bands, singing groups, motorcycle groups and representatives from the Department of Homeland Security – my former employer. They thanked me for my support by accidentally running over my foot.


We saw a DeLorean, possibly THE DeLorean from “Back to the Future.”


We saw Uncle Sam, some patriotic pets, a few creepy clowns, and a group from the grade school that my brothers and sisters and I all attended.


After the parade, there were barbecues and pool parties.


My sisters made some patriotic desserts including Maureen’s star-topped apple pie and Nora’s six-layer cake that looked like an American flag when sliced.


I went to the Keenan Fourth of July party too. Brian’s brother Jay was sporting a patriotic shirt from the Embassy in Asunción.


While I was busy partying in the United States, Brian and the boys went to the Embassy Fourth of July party for families.


Patrick loved the big inflatable slide. He and Arturito each went down it many times!


They also enjoyed the piñata.


Danny had a good time on the swings.


Uncle Sam and some clowns made an appearance and created balloon animals for the kids.


And although they did not participate, the boys did like watching the tug of war.


There was also a magic show, a three-legged race and lots of hamburgers and hotdogs. And our friend Geoff did his best Uncle Sam impersonation.


Everyone had a nice celebration!

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