Goodbye, Friends!

Last night our good friends Bob and Vicki and their son Sean left Paraguay and arrived back in the United States early this morning. We are really going to miss them! When we moved to Paraguay, they were our nearest neighbor and instantly and warmly welcomed us, frequently inviting our family to amazing and often barbecued dinners always accompanied by Vicki’s tasty sangria.

Sean was a good babysitter for the boys, happy to play with Patrick and creative in his ways of confining Danny, for example in a floating cooler.


Before they left town, Bob and Vicki embarked on a farewell tour that included lunch at a Korean restaurant with Bob’s coworkers, dinner at our house, and one last hurrah at Alamo Pizza.

At the Korean restaurant, we were surprised that our waiter spoke English, and even more surprised when he told us he was from Holland. “So you’re telling me,” Bob asked with incredulity, “that you’re from Holland, you speak English and you’re here?! In Paraguay!?” When the waiter confirmed that was correct, Bob asked why the waiter had come to Asunción. It turns out that the waiter, who had learned English in school in Holland, met and married an Argentine woman in Holland. When he finished his studies, they moved to Paraguay for her to finish her own studies. Only in Paraguay would you find a Dutchman married to an Argentine working in a Korean restaurant! It was a fun lunch and the food was great and plentiful.





Vicki’s coworkers organized an afternoon snack break and farewell toast in the embassy portico where the Ambassador wished her well and thanked her for her work.


Our families had one last fun dinner at our house last week.


And for their last night in Paraguay, there was a little farewell send-off at Alamo Pizza.


As a parting gift, Vicki and some friends taught Danny to do the wave, which he now happily and frequently does, throwing his hands in the air and yelling, “Yay!”


Good luck in Texas, Bob, Vicki and Sean! Come back and visit us anytime! We miss you already!

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