Ciao, Chow

This week Danny and Patrick were very sad to say goodbye to Pinkie and Louie who had become their constant companions these past few weeks.

The boys have had a lot of fun playing with the dogs, snuggling with them, taking them for walks and watching them sleep.




The boys were somewhat helpful with gathering the dogs’ food, clothes and gear, until they discovered that the dogs’ bowls make silly hats.



Once we got everything together, the boys were eager to climb and play on the dogs’ belongings.


Danny and Patrick gave Pinkie hugs and kisses goodbye.


When the car arrived for Pinkie and Louie, Brian helped to load up the dogs’ stuff and Danny, Patrick and Louie seized the opportunity to make an escape attempt, running down the block to Scout’s house.



After corralling the boys and the dogs, we loaded the dogs into the car. There were a few tears shed as Patrick and Danny said goodbye to Pinkie and Louie. Patrick was especially sad to see Pinkie leave. Patrick had started to call Pinkie his baby and would tell him, “I’m your Daddy and you have to do what I say.”


The boys drowned their sorrows with ice cream and about 15 minutes of a movie about a cute dog named Chestnut.



Before bed, Danny, unclear on what had actually happened, went to the back door and kept calling, “Pinkie! Louie!”, expecting his friends to come barreling towards him with friendly kisses like they often did.


Good luck, Pinkie and Louie. We will miss you!

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