Sandwiches for Dinner

Last weekend we went to a party at the home of friends who were serving some amazing, delicious sandwiches with real deli meat from America, homemade bread, and all the fixings. It was fantastic.


There was turkey breast, roast beef, corned beef, potato salad and gardinera.



Near the end of the evening, I went to use the bathroom and nearly walked in on a coworker of Brian’s who had left the door slightly ajar while using the bathroom. While I thought that was strange, I didn’t think twice about closing the door behind me when it was my turn for the bathroom. Bad move. When I was ready to leave the bathroom I couldn’t get the door to open. The handle wouldn’t turn and the latch wouldn’t release.

Brian, clearly showing grave concern for my welfare, promised to notify Embassy maintenance staff of the malfunctioning door when he got to work first thing on Monday morning.


Thankfully I had brought my wine with me to the bathroom, but I was getting nervous when I only had about 2 sips left. My friends promised to devise a funnel system to get me more wine under the door, if it came to that! Meanwhile, others worked to unscrew the latch and handle apparatus from the outside of the door.


Once that was off, another friend kicked open the door, setting me free!

If getting locked in a bathroom for a little while is the price I have to pay for delicious sandwiches with fresh bread and American deli meat, that’s a price I will gladly pay.

Sticking with the theme, the next morning Patrick woke up and went into Danny’s room locking the door behind him and pulling the key out of the lock. It took us awhile to talk Patrick through putting the key back in the lock, turning it the right way and unlocking the door. Eventually Patrick did it and the boys were free. Thankfully we didn’t have to break down another door!

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