While I was off celebrating wedding fun with my siblings, Brian and Patrick had a great time in Paraguay together.

Patrick’s black eye looked a little worse before healing.


Brian and Patrick took Pinkie and Louie for walks and brought them to the Embassy to play catch and run around with Scout.







Patrick and Brian did lots of playing, at the playgrounds and with Patrick’s favorite game, Zingo.


Patrick and Maria played “school” setting up chairs around a table in their makeshift classroom.


Patrick, imitating a sleeping Pinkie, snuggled up next to the little dog on the couch for a nap.



At Patrick’s request, he and Brian enjoyed mint chocolate chip ice cream from coffee cups.


Patrick pretended to be a zombie.


And Danny had a little adventure of his own. He spent a night with his Uncle Jay & Aunt Michele who took care of him from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. While staying with Jay and “Shelf,” Danny was happy to FaceTime with Brian and Patrick. He was thrilled when he saw Pinkie and Louie in the screen, and beyond ecstatic when he saw our nanny Maria but that turned to tears when he realized Maria was not actually right there with him but rather was only on the screen.


Danny had a lot of fun with his aunt and uncle and they loved hosting him. They fed Danny some of his favorite foods (chicken and corn on the cob), they took him to the park, snuggled with and read to him before bed and they put him to work having him mow their lawn. And when they realized Danny’s lovie had been forgotten at their house, Uncle Jay brought it back to us the next morning.



Everyone had a nice weekend!

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