Getting Settled

Our friends Pinkie and Louie are getting settled in their new home. Yesterday we took them for a walk, visited the groomer and both dogs got a nice bath.


While Patrick happily cleaned the dog cage, Danny supervised and snacked on goldfish.


Pinkie and Louie also got to meet our good friend Scout. The dogs all had a chance to sniff each other and play together. While there may have been a few snarls and growls, they seem to be working things out and I think they’ll all be good friends soon.




While Danny certainly loves the dogs, his favorite thing about yesterday (and most days) was the food, namely being fed cake with airplane sounds.


Scout was a little jealous when he saw Pinkie and then Louie sitting on his own owner’s lap. The first chance he got, Scout jumped right into Mike’s lap. Patrick, not wanting to be left out, then did the same.


Patrick is enjoying having the dogs in our house. He loves that Pinkie follows him everywhere. Patrick has been imitating the dogs, crawling around pretending to be a dog and has taken to lifting one leg when he pees, be it inside or out. For a boy who doesn’t have perfect aim to begin with, this development isn’t helping!

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