¡Ajúa! El Sabor de México

This past weekend Brian and I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, ¡Ajúa! El Sabor de México, on Hassler, behind Mariscal López Shopping.


The restaurant has eclectic decorations with a fun statue and walls covered in pictures, quotes, a Mexican flag and a prayer alongside a painting of the Virgin.



While many restaurants in the U.S. draw attention to spicy menu items with a picture of a chili pepper, here in Paraguay (where most folks don’t like even the slightest bit of spiciness in the food) this restaurant does the opposite, drawing attention to non-spicy food items with a picture of a chili pepper with a line through it.


When we sat down, the waiter brought us chips and salsa along with a couple varieties of hot sauces which, according to Brian, ranged in spiciness from the equivalent of water to something that really was pretty spicy. They also offered to bring an even spicier sauce!


Brian and I split a Tecate (grande!) to drink and for dinner, he had the chimichangas and I had floutas.


The entrées arrived with Mexican flags in them. The food was flavorful and authentic, although everything was a la carte and we missed out on rice and beans.


We didn’t try the tacos or the margaritas but both looked delicious.


It was a rainy night, so we sat inside but the restaurant – which is located on the second floor of a building – has two large patios which would be a nice place to sit on a warm evening!

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