Danny’s First Haircut

Yesterday Danny got his first haircut.

Here are Danny and Brian before the haircut.



When we were getting ready to leave the house, Patrick – recognizing that he was staying home with Maria – was being silly and tried to block the driveway to keep us from leaving.


Once we got to the barber shop, Danny played with a “caballo” while he waited his turn.


Danny didn’t want to sit in the barber chair by himself, so he sat on Brian’s lap while he got his hair cut.



The barber shop employees distracted Danny with a series of toys, in particular puzzles and animals. His favorite was the “patito” (little duck).


While I was sad to see his curls go, he does look cute with the new haircut!


He looks less like a baby and more like a little boy.



We ended our day hosting some friends for a pizza party to welcome a new family to the Embassy. Poor Danny must not have been feeling well and he threw up all over himself as he sat in his high chair eating dinner. Thankfully the new family has a few little ones of their own and weren’t horrified! Danny went right to bed, slept for 13 hours and seems better this morning.

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