Movie Date: Take Two

After last week’s failed attempt at taking Patrick to his first movie in a theater, we tried again this weekend when our friends rescheduled a viewing of Muppets 2 in English.


Just like last time, we bought our movie snacks and waited for the employees to let us into the theater. This time though, there were no disappointing announcements about the unavailability of the movie.


As we entered the theater, each person was given a set of 3D glasses for the movie.

Once we were in our seats, an usher came and collected all the glasses since the movie wasn’t actually in 3D.

The movie was in English with Spanish subtitles. Patrick enjoyed it and had many questions throughout, constantly asking about what the characters were doing and why. Near the end of the movie he started to lose interest a bit, saying, “This movie is long. Why is it so long?” At a length of 112 minutes, it did seem to drag a bit!


Patrick also asked, “Where’s Danny? I miss him.” When we got home, Patrick had saved the rest of his agua for Danny who happily drank it after his nap.

Thanks to our friends for planning a fun outing!

We ended our day at a fun pig roast at a friend’s house. while Patrick only agreed to eat the pork when we told him it was chicken, Danny needed no convincing, eagerly devouring four ribs.


Before we left the party, the boys got into their jammies, and were thrilled to pet Night Night, our friend’s black pet rabbit.

Brian and I were happy when the boys slept in this morning. Patrick slept til 10am!

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