We Almost Saw a Movie

Today Patrick and I had big plans; I was taking him to see his first movie in a movie theater.


We left Danny the Giraffe and Danny the Frog behind.


Patrick and I were going to see “Muppets 2” in English with friends. We drove to the mall, stopped to play in a bouncy house and made our way to the theater.



We got our movie snacks and drinks and waited with our friends for the theater employees to let us go in and sit down.


Unfortunately, there was a problem with the movie. The theater didn’t actually have the movie, even though they said they had the movie and they sold 60 tickets to the movie. Instead theater employees offered a refund of all money spent on snacks and said they would play the movie “Rio 2” in English.

After hearing about this movie and the birds that sing and dance, Patrick was excited.

Sadly, that movie didn’t work out either. Despite the fact that the theater had just offered our group “Rio 2” in English, the theater didn’t actually have that movie either. The theater next offered “Spiderman 2” in English, but by this point we’d been at the theater for an hour and Patrick was ready to leave. Our friends who had planned the outing tried very hard to work out an agreeable solution. They finally had to cancel the event, but will work to reschedule soon!

So we went to a pet store and snuggled with some darling puppies.


Inside the store we saw a puppy getting a bath and two other puppies in a horrifying contraption claiming to be an “auto pet drier” and despite the handwritten notice requesting otherwise, I couldn’t help but take a picture of those poor pups inside. Would this be like being trapped inside an oven?


We also saw fish, birds and guinea pigs.


Even though Patrick and I didn’t get to see the movie, we had a nice time together and we are looking forward the rescheduled movie date!

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