Jardín Zoológico

Yesterday we took the boys to the Buenos Aires zoo, called the Jardín Zoológico.

The first animals we saw were “maras” an animal we had never seen before that looked like some kind of overgrown rabbit. The zoo sells buckets of animal food for patrons to feed the animals. Patrick loved feeding the maras and running with them.



The zoo opened in 1888 and many of the structures, including animal enclosures, are nice, old, historic buildings accented with sculptures.



Everyone had fun feeding the animals!


The zoo has two red pandas which we were excited to see. One was nestled in a tree eating while the other wandered around.


We saw lots of animals and especially liked watching the Andean condor eating lunch.




We also saw an elephant eating lunch.


Patrick was thrilled to see a few bears and of course wanted to be a bear to a bear.


The boys showed a bit of silliness with Patrick making faces and Danny getting hungry trying to eat his own foot.


We rounded out our outing with lunch at a nice mall food court.


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