City Bus Tour

Yesterday we took the boys on a double-decker, hop on/hop off bus tour of Buenos Aires. Patrick, knowing that Maria and Mercedes take the bus to our house everyday, kept looking around at the passengers hoping to find Maria and Mercedes. He didn’t see them.

(Note: Whenever Patrick’s wears this t-shirt from the Jelly Belly Factory, featuring soccer-playing jellybeans, he insists on wearing it backwards so that he can actually see the athletic jellybeans he loves so much!)

It was a great tour and only once did I have to scramble frantically downstairs from the upper level, beg the driver to stop, and run back through traffic to grab Danny’s shoe which he had thrown overboard. Thankfully Danny didn’t throw his shoe off the bus on Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest street in the world!

Wider than a city block, the avenue has nine lanes of traffic in each direction, several medians and takes multiple stoplight revolutions for pedestrians to cross.

We passed the stadium of the Boca Juniors, one of the most successful soccer teams in Argentina and the world.



We saw a tango show.


We saw many of main attractions the city.











Patrick was happy he got to see “bomberos” (firemen), Danny was glad to see “pajaros” (birds) and dogs (which he all called “Scout”), and Brian and I were happy to see the highlights of the city and get the lay of the land, even if we were only able to listen to about half of the narration. All in all, a successful tour!

We ended the day with dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant, having been advised by a friend that the restaurant was good, albeit a bit funky and featured a disrobed mannequin. Upon arrival, Patrick immediately attempted to remove the single remaining article of clothing worn by the mannequin and Danny couldn’t keep his eyes off her. (Modesty bar added by me).


We had another great meal – pizza for the boys, pasta for me, beef for Brian and more Malbec.



We love Argentina!

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