Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

In the days leading up to Easter, we got an awful lot of rain here in Asunción. We had quite a few leaks in our house as a result. Although it doesn’t seem to have bothered Danny much, his bedroom got the worst of it.

Rain poured down the walls of his bedroom and came in from the ceiling, leaving puddles on the floor of his room and even raining on poor Danny in his crib.


One night, I heard Danny crying a little in his room and I went to his bedroom door and waited outside for a few minutes trying to decide if I should go in or not. After a few minutes, he stopped crying and I did not go in. The next morning, I felt bad when I found him in a damp rain puddle. He did not seem to mind though, still happy and smiling!


Now that we’ve had a few sunny rain-free days, hopefully workers can repair the leaks and fix the damage! Meanwhile, until the roof leaks are repaired, we’ve moved Danny’s crib to the middle of the room so he won’t get wet next time it rains during the night!


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