Flu shots and barber shots

Yesterday we took the boys to the Embassy so they could each get their flu shot and Danny could get a few vaccines. Patrick told us that he wouldn’t cry. And he didn’t.

Danny started getting nervous and was upset before he even got a shot. He had to be held down and wasn’t happy about it. While he was screaming, we noticed a new tooth in his mouth. It didn’t take him long to recover though and he was playing with toys in no time.

Today we took Patrick to get a haircut, leaving Danny behind with Maria. When we told Patrick we were going to the barber shop, he kept thinking we were taking him to get more shots, confusing the words “shop” and “shot.” He said, “First I got a shot at the Embassy and now I’m getting a barber shot?”

Convinced he was only getting a painless haircut and not a painful shot, he happily went with us, although he did make an unhappy face during part of the haircut.


After the haircut, we had lunch at Quattro D, a nearby restaurant and gelato shop.



Between Patrick and Brian, I’m not sure who was more excited about the mint chocolate chip milkshake. Patrick kept calling it mint chocolate sticks and they both loved it.


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