Want to do business in Paraguay?

We are here to help!

The United States Commercial Service, part of the Department of Commerce, promotes trade helping US companies export goods and services to other countries around the world, including Paraguay.

Because the Department of Commerce doesn’t have a presence in every Embassy, the State Department fills this role when needed.

This week for work, I assisted representatives from American companies with visiting Paraguayan government agencies and private companies to discuss their products and services to see if there’s an opportunity to do business here. The Paraguayan economy is strong and growing and there are many opportunities for American businesses to grow as well.


This is a fee-based service. For a small or medium sized company, the cost is $700 for the first day of appointments and $300 for each additional day. For larger companies with more than 500 employees, the cost is $2300 for the first day of appointments and $1000 for each additional day. Embassy officials research and identify appropriate contacts in the respective business sector, make all the appointments and accompany the American business representatives to the appointments. A driver and translator can be arranged and the Embassy can make hotel reservations for the American visitors. Today, this service – called Gold Key Service – is available in 104 countries, averaging over 1,000 meetings per year.


If you have a business that would like to take advantage of this service, click here!

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