Road Trip with the Grandparents

In Paraguay, Holy Thursday and Good Friday are national holidays. Schools, businesses and the Embassy are all closed and there’s no traffic. With Brian’s parents in town we decided to visit the nearby town of Caacupé for two nights staying at the new swanky hotel Alta Gracia, which we had recently checked out with friends.

When we arrived at the hotel the weather was perfect for a little pool time for the boys. Thankfully we were able to enjoy some sun, since it rained the whole rest of the weekend.



Although there was a lot of rain and thunder and lightning all weekend, the buildings must be pretty well constructed since nothing leaked. The stone walkways connecting the buildings were pretty slippery when wet though. Running around, boys took a few spills.

Due to the rain, some of the planned weekend activities for kids including a cama elástica (trampoline) and a globo loco (bouncy house) had to be moved inside. The boys loved playing in both!



A favorite activity was walking to the top of the lookout tower to check out the view. While it isn’t exactly toddler-proof (slats on guardrail are easily wide enough for a child to slip through), it does provide for a nice view.


While overall the hotel was great, there were a few kinks that still need to be worked out. For example, the front desk told us that the hotel restaurant opened for dinner at 7pm on Thursday night. At 6:59, we were knocking on the door with some very hungry little people. The restaurant manager unlocked the door and told us that the restaurant wouldn’t open until 9pm for a special buffet. After a little begging, we were allowed in but were told there’d be no menu; the chef would be making beef for the adults and chicken for the kids and rice for everyone. While it wasn’t what we were expecting, we all had a decent meal.

Little by little other families started trickling in too, also believing that the restaurant opened at 7. Thankfully the restaurant was able to accommodate everyone.

The restaurant also offers highchairs for little ones, which are nothing more than chairs that are high, with no tray and no belt or buckle.


We enjoyed the poolside breakfast, included in the hotel rate.


Overall, this is a great hotel. The guest rooms are clean and comfortable, the restaurant has good food, the surroundings are nice and it’s less than an hour from Asunción. I’m sure we’ll be back!


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