John and Louann’s Excellent Adventure

Brian’s parents are here to visit us over the Easter holiday this week. It’s their first trip to South America and while they never imagined they’d travel to Paraguay the allure of grandkids was too strong to resist! They flew from Chicago to Miami and then took an overnight flight from Miami on Tuesday night, arriving in Asunción early Wednesday morning. After a little rest in the morning and some afternoon playtime with the boys, we took them out for a night on the town.

We began our night at a happy hour, watching a beautiful sunset from the balcony of a friend’s apartment.



We also watched the moon rise, turning from deep orange to bright yellow as it rose higher in the sky.


After sunset we went to O’Gaucho, a churrasquería-style restaurant, for dinner. We started with the salad bar that had many selections including cured ham, sushi, rice, potatoes and pasta.


John ordered a Budweiser and was surprised when the bottle that arrived was as big as a bottle of wine and came with its own ice bucket! Cards on the table were red on one side and green on the other for patrons to indicate whether the waiters should bring more meat. The waiters didn’t really seem to pay much attention to the cards, offering meat regardless of which side of the card was visible.


The waiters brought us many selections of beef, lamb, chicken and pork.


For dessert we had pineapple that had been rotisserie roasted with sugar and cinnamon making for a juicy and delicious treat.


On Thursday morning, Grandma and Grandpa gave the kids a few fun gifts including little puppets the boys especially loved.


They also gave the boys matching White Sox t-shirts. Patrick immediately changed his shirt, donning his new baseball shirt and then playing a little baseball with a few batting tips from Grandpa.


The boys’ favorite gift was little Disney figurines. The boys took turns trying to hoard the characters and hide them from each other.


We are enjoying our time with our visitors!

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