Pool Time!

Over the weekend we spent some time at the Embassy pool. Since it is Fall and we don’t know how many more 90° days of perfect pool BBQ weather we have left, with a few friends we had an impromptu afternoon of fun grilling lunch and playing in the pool.

Danny unexpectedly fell asleep on the drive to the Embassy and he napped for about an hour in the car. (Don’t worry – the AC was blasting, windows were cracked and we checked on him frequently!) He couldn’t have been happier when he woke up! And thanks to his great nap, we were able to stay longer at the pool!


Patrick had a great day at the pool. He loved walking into to the pool backwards and “backwards from the front” which was his self-invented term for a belly flop.

He also like warming himself up by laying on the stones surrounding the pool.

Danny had fun splashing, practicing his high five technique and watching the big kids play.


Patrick and Danny both enjoyed floating around in the ring buoys.


Danny took a break from swimming to do a little yoga, working on his downward dog as he investigated (licked?) the drain cover. And the boys played a little football too. It is Fall after all!


Patrick loved jumping and being thrown in the air. He’s working on in-air flips.


Danny liked being thrown too and he laughed lots when Scout’s daddy threw him up in the air.


We worked on building towers of people and successfully built three men high. After that, either the base or the core (depending on who you ask!) started to break. The boys had fun playing in rafts and playing with the “pelota” or ball.


Scout was there too. Patrick tried to get him to come in the water, but Scout wouldn’t do it even when Patrick pointed at the water and told Scout to get in.


Danny gave Scout lots of hugs and snuggles and even tried to share his lunch with Scout, resulting in an unfortunate case of digestive upset for the poor dog.


We had a perfect day!

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