An Afternoon With the Easter Bunny

Today the Embassy had an Easter party featuring a certain well-known bunny. But they’re not allowed to say Easter, so they just called it a “Spring Party.” It’s technically Fall here, so this makes no sense. Labels aside, the party was a lot of fun. It featured a bouncy house, an Easter egg hunt, snow cones and of course, the Easter Bunny.





In the days leading up to the party Patrick was very excited about seeing the Easter Bunny and wanted to bring him some carrots to eat. Several times a day Patrick would ask how many carrots were in the fridge and then of that number he would decree how many carrots he and Danny could each give to the Easter Bunny.

When Danny saw the carrots today, he was sad that they were in a plastic bag and he couldn’t eat them immediately!

Both boys loved the Easter egg hunt. Danny found one egg (which I think another kid had dropped after taking its contents) and Patrick found about ten eggs. Both were pleased with their haul!


Neither boy was too excited about actually seeing the Easter Bunny. As predicted by Patrick, the Easter Bunny loved the carrots and he actually ate one!



Although Danny didn’t love the real Easter bunny, he did find a Styrofoam bunny that he very much loved. He gave him an aggressive hug and kiss and unfortunately the poor bunny snapped in half, suffering a fatal wound.


The biggest hit of the party was the bouncy house. Danny was very excited when he saw it and kept pointing at it and yelling. Both boys loved jumping around in there.




Everything at the party was really nice, including the decorations and little treat bags made to look like carrots.


Games at the party included bunny-themed ring toss and bunny-themed ball darts.


The bunny and egg-themed center pieces were a big hit too!


We had a great afternoon!


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