Hibachi Express

There’s a new restaurant in town that has been the topic of much conversation at the Embassy lately. Hibachi Express (despite a name that evokes Japanese cooking) is high quality fast-food Chinese cuisine. The restaurant has only been opened one month and yesterday Brian and I went to there for lunch with some of our coworkers. It was delicious!

It’s not a coincidence that this place looks like a Panda Express. The owner, an Argentine man married to a Paraguayan woman, lived for 17 years in the United States where he opened and managed over 20 Panda Express locations.


He has now taken the concept of fast food Chinese to Paraguay. As the flier states, “Gourmet Asian food has arrived in Asunción!”


Compared to Panda Express where the food is all pre-cooked and waiting for a customer to select it, at Hibachi Express the food is cooked to order by the waiter/owner/chef who speaks perfect English.


Our group had beef and broccoli, black pepper chicken, chicken and green beans, orange chicken, fried shrimp, steamed rice and fried rice and spring rolls.

With the exception of the fried shrimp everything was great (it is a landlocked country after all).

At end of the meal, there were quite a few members of the Clean Plate Club.


And there were quite a few happy bellies!

The good news is that this restaurant is open, nearby and delicious. The great news is that they will soon be expanding their offerings to include delivery!

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