Rain, rain, go away!

Late last week and early this week we had off and on thunderstorms and an awful lot of rain fell here.




Due to the road conditions, many schools and businesses close anytime there’s heavy rain. At Patrick and Danny’s preschool, they advised us to call before bringing the kids to school on mornings when it’s raining. On Monday the preschool was closed due to pouring rain.

On the plus side, the boys love their raincoats, including a fireman raincoat that is way too small for Patrick.


Both boys like looking down the drains in the back yard.


Danny likes dancing in the rain.


Danny also like splashing his hand in the puddles and just looking around while the rain falls on his head. He definitely does not like to wear the hood on his coat.



Patrick loves that his raincoat, with its hood and claws, makes him look like a dinosaur.


Here’s Patrick being a dinosaur bear (he made that up and we’re not exactly sure what that is!).


And this is how a dinosaur bear crawls.


Patrick loves playing in the rain!


As fun as it is to play in the rain, we are glad that the warm sunny weather returned!

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