A Bed of One’s Own

Our friend Scout is staying with us this week. The first time he stayed with us he spent thirty minutes staring at the front door looking for his owner. Now that he’s spent a lot of time at our house, he’s more comfortable here and it seems that he especially likes Patrick and Danny. This afternoon when Scout arrived, he went right up the stairs and laid down front of the boys’ rooms waiting for his fun playmates to wake up from their naps.


When Scout came over this afternoon, he brought his new doggie bed he recently received from the United States. It was sent to him by his owner’s family. Before they mailed it, they let their own dogs sleep in the bed so that when Scout got it, he’d smell the other dogs and want to sleep in the bed.

Scout’s new bed is the boys’ favorite place to play regardless of whether Scout is in the bed too.





Before bedtime tonight, Patrick gave Scout a hug and a kiss.


Don’t worry – the boys weren’t on top of Scout all afternoon. Scout was able to get a little alone time by hiding on the stairs and sitting in Patrick’s car seat when Scout and I went for a drive.



Scout is a great dog and the boys really love him. Now when he goes home, his bed will smell like his best buddies Patrick and Danny!

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