Dinner & Dancing

This weekend we went to dinner with two other families who have little ones about the same ages as Patrick and Danny. We went to Walterio, a burger restaurant not too far from the Embassy.


There’s a an old Volkswagen van in the front, and a giant vulture on a tall antenna in back.


We sat in the big open courtyard in the back of the restaurant. We were the only people in the place giving us plenty of room for the kids to run around and play.

Patrick entertained our group and the waitstaff by dancing like a crazy person and jumping off steps of the patio.


Kinley and Nolan got in on the jumping and dancing too.


Kinley had a lot of laughs when Patrick sat and laid on a group of balloons, popping them. I suppose this is the beginning of him doing foolish things in a effort to woo a pretty lady.


Turner kept busy playing with blocks and even shared with Danny.


Nolan and Danny, as usual, enjoyed sitting next to each other, feeding and stealing food from each other.



Brian and I had a fun night with the kids (one of whom pretended to be a bear).


And the kids had a great time with each other too. Danny especially liked when Patrick tried to tickle him.


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