St. Patrick’s Day Party

Unlike Chicago (where Brian and I grew up) which has huge St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with multiple parades, the river dyed green, many authentic Irish bars, a large population of Irish immigrants and world-class traditional Irish musicians like the Narrowbacks, Paraguay doesn’t really have much of an Irish population and St. Patrick’s Day is not really a cause for celebration.


Last night a coworker and I, both of Irish ancestry, tried to change that by organizing a party at a local bar to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. About 80 people from the Embassy gathered for the event and it was a smashing success!


Although the bar wasn’t an Irish bar (it was, ahem, British), we did our best to give the party an Irish feel by decorating with green and shamrocks.


Aside from the food and drinks served by the bar, we also had some Irish Soda bread and more of my mom’s crème de menthe cupcakes.


Even more importantly, were able to get our hands on three bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey (brought back from duty-free shopping at the airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina) and five cans of Guinness (purchased “to go” for $10 a piece from another bar here in town that had bought them at a restaurant in Brazil and then drove them to Paraguay).

We shared the Jameson with our guests, one of whom sampled it from the tiny beer mug dangling off his beaded necklace.


Since we only had 5 cans of Guinness, we raffled them off during the party.


We had five very happy raffle winners.  


One winner even made his Guinness into Irish car bombs with some Jameson and Bailey’s.


We had a very cute and fun surprise announcement from two first-time dads-to-be with a fun t-shirt reveal. Their wives and a third coworker are all expecting babies within a couple weeks of each other this fall.  Their fourth coworker, from the same office within the Embassy, will be working overtime when everyone else in their office is on paternity/maternity leave!


We sure had fun last night singing and dancing and celebrating, but not too much fun – after all, it was a Monday night!


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