Irish Dinner for Thirty

Last night Brian and I hosted our coworkers and their families, about 30 people, at our home for a traditional Irish dinner. With some help from our friends, we had 13 pounds of corned beef from the United States, two shepherd’s pies, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots, boiled cabbage, a few loaves of Irish soda bread, homemade rye bread, crème de menthe cupcakes and a little Jameson and some frozen Bailey’s. It was so delicious and tons of fun. There was Irish music, singing and dancing late into the evening!



We borrowed two more slow cookers from friends and set all three of them up on the floor in our home office where the corned beef cooked for 11 hours yesterday. Thankfully we could lock the door with a key so Danny and Patrick couldn’t get in there.




Even Scout made it to our party!


The Jameson and the frozen Bailey’s (thanks, Vicki!) were a big hit!



We had two Irish movies playing, “Darby O’Gill and the Little People” and “The Quiet Man.”



The boys had fun too. Patrick liked playing outside with the big kids and Danny liked the juice boxes!


For dessert we had my mom’s recipe of crème de menthe cupcakes, with a layer of chocolate fudge covered by whipped cream flavored with crème de menthe and green food coloring. A few tiny shamrock sprinkles are on top!


There was just enough corned beef leftover for one sandwich at lunch today, with roasted potatoes and shepherd’s pie on the side!


2 thoughts on “Irish Dinner for Thirty

  1. HAHA! Love the pics! Post ’em on FB!! Thank you so much for having us over! We had such a good time and my sides still hurt from laughing!!!! I just want to hear one song from start to finish!! BAWHAHAHAAHA!

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