We Miss Scout!

We had a great time last week taking care of Scout the dog. But, his owner has returned from his travel and Scout has gone home.

Scout is such a kind and gentle dog, exceedingly patient with two curious and only occasionally gentle little boys. Scout did not seem to mind at all that Patrick used him as a pillow, sometimes tried to pull his tail and had numerous questions about Scout’s body parts.


Scout also didn’t seem to mind when Danny tried to pet his teeth or ride him like a horse.


And Scout didn’t mind when I dressed him up in overalls and a baseball cap.


Patrick loved taking Scout for a walk and playing catch with him at the park.


Scout like keeping Patrick company at bedtime and riding with us in the car.


And apparently Scout misses us too. When his owner took him for a walk yesterday, Scout stopped in front of our gate, sat down and waited for us to appear.


Hopefully Scout can come stay with us again soon!

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