The Drive to Amambay

The journey from Asunción to the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, in the northeast corner of the Departamento Amambay, is a long one, taking at least six hours. This week for work, some colleagues and I made this trip, spending many hours in the car.

Most of the drive to Amambay, and indeed most of the Paraguayan landscape that I’ve seen, is flat and green with vast, open spaces surrounding the paved, two-lane road.20140228-013748.jpg

We passed many ranches and farms with large numbers of horses, goats, pigs, cows, and chickens.20140228-013900.jpg

We also passed this horrifying zoo on wheels.20140228-014147.jpg

Aside from big grazing fields for the cattle, the land is also used for growing rice, soy, sugar cane, mandioca, eucalyptus, sesame and sunflowers.20140226-191719.jpgThat’s rice in the top left picture.

20140228-014322.jpgThat’s sugar cane on top, and a truckload of mandioca on the bottom left.

We passed many construction projects as well as many small but clean and well-kept shacks.20140228-014425.jpg

While most of the drive is flat and wide open, the landscape changes drastically in the Amambay Department with unusual rock formations jutting out of the land.20140228-014627.jpg

Although it was a bit rainy, the views were beautiful.


As we drove, Bert read an occasional passage from the book about Paraguay “At The Tomb of the Inflatable Pig” while Fede provided some background and historical context.20140228-075133.jpgIt was a nice drive!

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