Ready for the New School Year

It’s been a loooooong summer vacation. Patrick’s school closed for the summer on December 20 and it doesn’t open again until March 3. Registration for the new school year started last week.

When the school year starts again, both Patrick and Danny will be going to the Spanish language preschool five mornings a week.

Last week we started buying school supplies and getting the boys ready. Both boys got new backpacks. Patrick has a “rana” (frog) and Danny has a “penguino” (penguin).


As soon as I put the backpack on him, Patrick immediately wanted to fill his backpack with toys and carry them around.


Danny couldn’t quite figure out what was on his back or how to take it off. He just kept turning in circles like a puppy chasing its tail.


Hopefully the boys will love the new school year as much as they love their new backpacks!



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