This week we have a houseguest staying with us. It is our friend Scout, our neighbor’s Australian cattle dog.

Scout, who must have been feeling a little sad this morning after his owner left, stared at the door for about 30 minutes.


We’ve had a busy day so far! We talked to Uncle Kevin on FaceTime and introduced Scout to Kevin’s dog, Cody, a vizsla.


Patrick took Scout for a walk around our neighborhood.


All three boys enjoyed similarly-shaped morning snacks; breadsticks for Danny and Patrick and a beef-hide roll for Scout.


Lately Patrick has been enjoying the movie “Dumbo” about the big-eared elephant who can fly. Patrick wanted to see if Scout could flap his ears and fly too. So far Scout has not flown.


We had a bit of a rough patch this morning when Scout had a little digestive upset (thankfully outside) and then chewed on one of Patrick’s toys. But this was a learning moment for Patrick who wisely observed, “If I don’t want Scout to chew my toys, I have to be better about cleaning them up.” Scout is now settling in nicely and, just like Patrick and Danny, is taking a nap.


We are looking forward to a fun week with Scout!

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