Visit to the Pediatrician

Since we’ve been here for almost six months and the boys each had a birthday and are about to start a new school year, we figured it was time they visit a local pediatrician for a checkup. The kids haven’t been totally without medical care here. Danny visited the doctor on Christmas Eve due to an ill-timed eye infection and both boys have been getting the recommended vaccines at the nurse’s office at the Embassy.

This week, we took the boys for a well child visit. The pediatrician we saw is a Paraguayan who speaks excellent English and was trained in the US at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Tufts University and Yale.

The boys’ favorite part was the waiting room toys.


Danny didn’t mind sitting on the scale or the exam table, but he didn’t really like when the doctor poked around on his tummy.


Patrick was fine when the doctor listened to his heart, checked his ears and his blood pressure, but he got a little nervous when the doctor wanted to check his throat.



Once we held his legs down, the doctor was finally able to complete his exam. A sullen Patrick then sat on the scale.


The boys are turning out to be tall and skinny. Danny is in the 40th percentile for weight and the 80th percentile for height. Patrick is in the 33rd percentile for weight and the 68th percentile for height. Both boys got a clean bill of health!

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