A Night Among the Animals

Over the Presidents’ Day weekend, we spent one night in the nearby town of Atryá. We stayed at a mediocre hotel with a few shortcomings. The hotel was highly praised in the guidebook so we were thinking it would be a great place. The location was certainly great, up on a hill with beautiful views, on a large property with a pool, hedges grown into a labyrinth, a pond with geese, trees with monkeys, an aviary with several birds, and various farm animals.

Patrick has been reading a lot of “Where’s Waldo” lately which coincidentally features a page with many animals and a labyrinth of hedges.


We started talking to Patrick about this hotel about two weeks ago, telling him about all the animals and the labyrinth. With “Where’s Waldo” never far from his thoughts, he naturally expected to see a lion at the beauty parlor, animals in line for a port-a-potty, monkeys being silly, bears having a picnic and owls wearing sunglasses.



Unfortunately our hotel did not live up to this fantasy. Or any fantasy. We had a two bedroom “suite,” for the bargain rate of about $80. The rooms were sparse, but did have air-conditioning, shelves and a refrigerator.

The bathroom was a little scary and there were quite a few bugs, spiders, little flies, and many, many ants. The restaurant had a decent menu and beautiful views.

When we arrived at the hotel, we spent time admiring the animals and walking around the property.





We went swimming and then had dinner at the open air restaurant while watching the sunset.



Once the boys were in bed, sleeping in their own room, Brian and I started to hear sounds, perhaps something crawling on the roof or perhaps in the walls or perhaps in our room. It definitely creeped us out. We tried to reassure ourselves that perhaps it was just the wind or maybe just a tree branch. It definitely sounded like some kind of an animal. The sounds went on for a while. But we could not find the source of the sound. Eventually we both went to sleep, on top of the sheets with all our clothes on, just in case there were critters in the bed. It was not a restful night’s sleep, as the sounds continued through the night. In the morning, Brian looked outside the cabin but saw no trees or branches near the cabin walls or roof. Maybe there really were animals in the room with us??

Breakfast was included in the hotel rate. We went to the restaurant and saw that a large group of ants had beaten us the buffet. We decided not to eat this food.

They did have bananas, pears and oranges (bug free!), so the boys were happy to eat that. And thankfully I had also packed yogurt and cereal for the boys.

Maybe this hotel would be a nice destination for a day trip, but I don’t think I would recommend staying here.

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